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“Our mission is to improve the quality and coordination of care by providing individuals with an innovative solution for managing their vital medical health information. We believe that when consumers are empowered with digital technology they can effectively navigate throughout the daunting health care systems that result in a reduction of adverse occurrences and cost and enhanced quality of care.”

MCR GLOBAL Inc. believes:

• Quality health care requires access to vital medical information in a timely manner.
• Consumer driven as opposed to provider driven information technology.
• Privacy, security, confidentiality when accessing your health record is paramount.
• Empowerment is achieved with consumer-driven mobile healthcare technology.
• Access to vital medical data at point of care or before point of care will avoid adverse events and save lives.
• Knowledge-based assessments and evidence-based intervention can only be achieved when the vital medical health record is available.
• Caregivers will have “peace of mind” knowing the loved one’s personal health crisis record is accessible to emergency responders wherever and whenever they need emergency medical care.



In 2009, MCR GLOBAL Inc. launched the first person-centered electronic personal health crisis record of its kind. This patent-pending mobile health technology system pioneered the use of QR (quick review) technology as a method for secure transmittal of one’s vital health data exchange anywhere anytime. The innovation was the first to have embedded the QR code onto their My Crisis Card™ that syncs to a private, secure server for immediate display on a smartphone during a personal medical emergency or disaster event. This revolutionary technology solution was further enhanced by the creation of a smart phone universal web app and an optional remote digital device. These multi layer components were the integrated with their transmittal service called, On Demand Crisis Response Transmittal Service™.  In 2009, the firm was awarded a scholarship sponsored by Homeland Security Defense Journal recognized by the National Organization on Disabilities for these initiatives.

In 2010, the firm received national recognition in the United States by winning an award as the “Top 50 Emerging Companies in America.” The voting was made by a group of venture capitalist whom are promoting a program called, “Pitching America.”  
In 2011, MCR GLOBAL Inc formed a joint venture partnership with MediSafari to form MCR-Africa. This partnership has brought this mobile healthcare technology solution to Africa designed to serve the mission of saving lives and avoiding adverse events during personal medical     emergency and disaster events.

Note:  The firm has protected its intellectual property and trade names by receiving their provisional patent application approval on 11/17/08 and is awaiting approval of the Trademarks. APPLICATION No.:61/199, 383. Confirmation No.:4941(see Appendix A) The Trademark approval was granted on July 14th, 2009 under the Registration Number TXu 1- 608-776. The firm submitted a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on 11/17/09, the international filing date/date of receipt by applicant, Gerald A. Theis.  Application and Registered on 11-16- 09 to the US Trademark Office. The firm has assigned Power of Attorney on file with the International Preliminary examining Board and submitted a PCT Demand for examination submitted on June 16th, 2010. The PCT is registered on the Internet. U.S. National Stage Patent Application (based on PCT application PCT/US2009/006139. Application no. 13/129,667. The International Application No. PCT/US 2009/006139.

Management Team

CEO and Founder Gerald A. Theis is an experienced business executive and entrepreneur with over 35 years in healthcare administration and clinical services Throughout his career he has refined his expertise in the start-up business environment including professional and service award winning recognitions and a patent pending digital personal health record information system, My Crisis RecordsTM. Gerald has been in a variety of executive level health care positions, is a visionary and is a strong strategic business planner. He holds a master’s degree in Social Welfare from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Gerald received the Social Work of the Year Award in Wisconsin, USA. He is a licensed psychotherapist and certified wellness coach with expertise in disease management, behavioral health case management and quality management. Gerald has published several articles in professional journals and presents at national and international conferences

Meet the team Below:

Jack Mojapelo- Chief Technical Officer- MCR Africa

Jerry Theis - Group CEO - MCR Global



Dr Maggie Mojapelo-- Chief Medical Director - MCR Global

Tania Polenakis - MCR Africa web master consultant

Dr Ron Banks - Executive Medical Director MCR Global




Dr Ron Banks and Dr Maggie Mojapelo The Team
The Team Ron Banks



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